Mini-Project 1

For my mini-project, I’ve decided to use the first prompt and apply it’s questions to one of my favorite concepts of existence – perspective. Next to that, I’d like to explain how the relation between the Holdinger piece and perspective is an answer to why we no longer view things, like the Rhine, with the same amount of beauty and grace as it was described with in the hymn. Allow me to explain.

Essentially, we’re looking at how one thing can be assessed, viewed, etc from a technological point of view, vs. how it can be assessed from an artistic, or in my case with perspective, more humanistic point of view. Heidegger, in his work, asked the reader to compare the Rhine in how it is used in today’s society, vs. how it is used in Holderin’s hymn. There are some obvious differences between the two. In Holderin’s hymn, at points the Rhine is spoken of like a human being, and given human traits, in lines such as “his word is a jubilant roar” and “the voice it was of the noblest of rivers, freeborn Rhine…” It seems that in Holderin’s work, the Rhine is a beautiful, almost humanistic being. It has a voice, it has goals – but when compared to today, in it’s current use, it’s just another thing used by humans to fulfill our needs, generate power for us, and so on. It’s another technology that humans have brought to the point of primarily being known and used for our own benefit.

I believe that the comparison between these two – that being Holderin’s piece, and the current use of the Rhine – indicates a lot about how modern technology is created and used, and it relates to the ideology of each of our individual perspectives as I mentioned before. The way these pieces can be compared to the way technological uses have evolved is somewhat obvious. As time has gone on, and industrializing has become more common, often times humans attempt to find the best, most efficient way for technology to work – oftentimes at the sacrifice of it’s beauty, or it’s meaning, or so forth. In this case, the Rhine, once viewed as Holderin has mentioned, as a beautiful, rare part of earth, is now looked at and used as a hydroelectric dam.

This relates to our perspectives now – an important phrase that I learned is that, “Our perspective is our reality.” So, oftentimes, we shape our perspectives to meet our physiological needs so that we can continue to live in some sort of peace. In regards to our perspectives on other things, like the Rhine, we view what was once a beautiful piece of nature as now, just a helpful source of power. The reason behind that, though, is because it is what our perspectives need to live a good life. Our physical technological advancement has been incredibly rapid, but our mental technologies lag behind – we are often too quick to adjust things so that they fit our perspectives, instead of thinking about adjusting our perspectives to see and make the world as a better place.


The Most Important Technology

One of the most interesting things that I ever read was within a book called, “Your Duality Within,” a philosophical piece by Anderson Silver. The book mainly pertains to our inner duality, that being the daily battle that goes on between our subconscious, and conscious minds. While there are an abundance of interesting pieces in the book, one that stuck out to me, and one that pertains to our class, is the technology that caused homo-sapiens to actually be able to survive to this point.

In layman’s terms (which are also the terms that I use to understand this process), way back, thousands of years ago, there was something of a “hominid war.” Essentially, all of the various families of homogeneous creatures were fighting to continue to live, and for their species to survive on earth. Now, obviously, at this time there were no guns – everyone had the same general knowledge of making tools, hunting and gathering, and using fire. However, what set homo-sapiens apart and gave them the ability to win the hominid wars was their ability to use what has become the most important technology to human life – communication.

While most hominid groups had access to the same basic technologies, homo-sapiens were able to evolve their forms of communications from basic signs or noises so to organize into larger groups, and plan their moves out more specifically in order to win the hominid wars. Communication is incredibly important, and is a cause to almost anything that happens in the world, if not everything. At it’s core, it was the technology that, through it’s use, gave our species the best opportunity to survive in their earliest days.


Our Philosophical / Technological Journey Begins!

What’s cracking PhilTech friends! I like that phrase, or word jumble, or whatever you want to call it – “PhilTech.” To me, it’s an easy way to shorten our class name – it also sort of sounds like it could be the name of a tech company owned by a guy named Phillip? We’re getting off topic here.

I’m excited to return to my Domain after using it in other classes – as I’m sure you guys have seen, all of my posts from the other courses that I’ve used this domain for have been syndicated into our hypothesis website, so my apologies if there’s a bunch of Zane Burk class posts cluttering up the feed. Anyway, for my first post, I figured it would be cool to touch on what philosophy is to me, and hopefully get some comments from you guys about what it is to you.

In my (relatively short, but phenomenally enlightening) experience with philosophy thus far, it’s been a sort of religion to me, purely as it pertains to the definition of the religion. Religion is defined as “belief or worship in a superhuman / controlling power” and in that sense, philosophy holds a place in my heart and soul. While I don’t necessarily know if there is a specific ruling power over us all, there is something more to all humans – our capacity of reason (idea originally from Stoicist book Discourses ) and so I believe that something, somewhere, indeed instilled that capability of reason and consciousness upon us. In summary, I follow some philosophy sort of like a religion, but I view it more as a way of thinking.

I hope you enjoyed reading some basic thoughts of mine on philosophy! I look forward to hearing what everyone else has to say.


Creative Coding Portfolio

Hey, Professor Walen! Zane here – it’s been an interesting summer semester, and I’ve learned a lot through my first coding course! I’m glad to have completed it, and happy that with our final, I’ve been able to go back and implement some new things into my assignments.

  1. Glitch: Firstly, I created glitch art that was more “glitchy” I guess you could say. Originally, I created a compilation of different video game glitches, and created a few of my own glitch art pieces in photoshop. However, when I was trying to figure out inspiration for some social media posts for our school basketball team, our class came to mind, and I decided to theme some of the posts around glitchy art. The end result is here:

2. Creating an Audacity Glitched image: For my second portfolio item, I figured that I would create a glitched image with audacity, as I didn’t get to do so over the course of the semester. I took a selfie with my webcam, and then figured out how to glitch it up through audacity – the results are a bit haunting. The original:

And the glitch:

I applied a little bit of “Echo” in audacity, and got an interesting result.

3. Screensaver: With my screensaver, I added a little bit of flare, and implemented an outline to the “Hello!” in my screensaver. I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect the lines within the screensaver – hopefully I can figure that out soon, as though I like the somewhat glitchy look of the screensaver, I’d like it to look a little cleaner. You can see that here – also, I attached an image of how it looks, because as I click on the link, for whatever reason, the blue outline isn’t showing up on the text.

4. Bot: Going back to the first week of class, I decided to work a little bit on my bot to make it a bit more personal to Spongebob. I added more variables in the bot that are direct quotes from Spongebob himself, and imrpoved the general grammar in the bot as well so that the tweets are a bit more coherent. Find that here:


Week 14: Final Project

For my final project, as I said before, I completed a trailer for my upcoming series that I will be completing on my youtube channel. The most fun, but also challenging aspect of completing the trailer, was creating the concept/themed art for each series, and making an information card to put on the trailer that matched up with the artistic theme of each series. For my Viewer’s Choice series, I themed it around being colorful, and splatters of paint, as I see that series as being one that a variety of people have a hand in creating, as I ask for opinions from all of my social media followers as to what the video should be. For my weekly vlogs, I wanted a clean, sharp look that was attractive to look at and memorable, but also flexible, which I believe I achieved. Finally, for my Zane After Dark series, I was looking for a night-like, neon lights type of look, which again, I believe I did a good job of creating. Apart from that, however, I used clean transitions and some intro cards to build up suspense for the upcoming series. Check out the trailer below! Warning, the song I selected does have some vulgar words in it – I selected it because it is currently one of my favorite songs, however it’s new and I couldn’t find a clean version when I created the trailer.


Final Project Progress Report

For my final project, I decided to implement my current hobby, which is my youtube channel, with the 80s theme of the class. Originally, for my videos, I was completing daily vlogs. However, after some careful thought and deliberation, I decided to instead change over to a three day a week schedule, with each day corresponding with a different show. These shows will be firstly, a weekly vlog, secondly, a “audience’s choice” show where my followers decide what the video will be, and finally, and almost most importantly, “Zane After Dark,” a talk-show that I plan to host. My final project will be the trailer for my new shows that I will create, which I am very excited to do. I have completed some basic logo art to start, however, which I have attached.


Week 12 Reflection Post

What a fun week in Digital Storytelling! My assignments this week were fun, and the remixes were even more fun. To begin my week, I worked on my mash-up assignments.s

Firstly, I got one of my favorite logos, but I added text that made it look like it was used for a MUCH different purpose than it is:

Next, I placed one of my favorite superheroes in a modern, public setting of today. See if you can find him!

Finally, I mashed up one of my favorite movie characters with a backdrop that did not match him at all. You can tell pretty quickly!

For my remixes, I had a couple of interesting choices. Firstly, I added a snobby, overly-artistic critic review about my picture above:

After that, I had to make my Fruit Of The Loom graphic as weird and ugly looking as I could!

Finally, I made three different daily creates throughout the week, which were a lot of fun:

It was a great week in DS106, and I’m excited to see what next week holds.


Week 11: Video Show

In what was a whirlwind, but very fun week, I was able to post two different videos to my youtube channel, but the one that I will be using for my assignment today is my Daily Vlog! My daily vlog, posted today and filmed yesterday, is my first, and it was fun to figure out and do. What was most important about getting the vlog edited and uploaded on time was managing my time. Essentially, I filmed yesterday from when I woke up, at about 11 AM, to when I finished my day, at about 11 PM. In doing so, I didn’t really have time during the day to edit the video – I had to wait until at night, where I was able to get a few hours of editing done, and then this afternoon, when I completed the video in a few hours, between about 2PM and 5PM. As I continue to vlog and edit each day, I’m sure that I will also continue to learn how I can best operate and manage my time to keep getting videos uploaded. For example, figuring out if I should continue editing whenever I have the free time to do so, or wait for one large, open chunk of the day to get it all done at once. In creating the video itself, I have learned that my phone does have great video quality, but I may need to invest in some type of microphone if I want to continue using it to record. I will continue to learn, and am excited to do so.

Below are my daily creates! The TDC’s this week were interesting, especially with April Fool’s day being this week.


Week 8 Radio Show Progress/Reflection

It’s complete! After a long week (filled with a lot of distraction and wild goings-on in our community) my group and I finally finished our radio show, and it was a great one. The week was very productive, and ultimately culminated in all of us meeting up and creating our show. My group was Sam, Diana, Emily, and myself. We deliberated a lot throughout the week, and ended up settling on Music from the 80s to be our radio show topic. It was a lot of fun to talk about! We touched on a variety of things, from comparisons to musicians and artists of then and now, to comparing how the lyrics to songs have changed over time, and more. It was a lot of fun, and it was a productive discussion that taught me more about that time period. Beyond that, we figured out the other aspects of the radio show that we needed to add, like deciding where we had to input the commercials, to the radio bumpers, and more. It was a lot of fun, and definitely one of the best school projects that I’ve been able to work on thus far.

Beyond that, I completed two daily creates throughout the week, which were a lot of fun – one was 80s themed, and one was just about me. Check them out below!


Week 7 Reflection

Whew! This last week before Spring Break was a whirlwind. However, I was able to complete all of my assignments for class, as well as interact with some other posts on twitter and on blogs. To begin…

Audio Assignments

I completed three different audio assignments this week, and they were a lot of fun! Firstly, I created a commercial for my group’s upcoming radio show. The commercial was something straight out of the ’80s – check it out here:

My second assignment was a bit more modern. I hummed one of my favorite songs, and gave a bit of back-story as to why I enjoy humming this particular tune. Check out me, humming away, here!

For my third and final audio assignment, I recreated an iconic beat, that being the drum beat from We Will Rock You. A surprising tool that I found in my kitchen ended up being the crucial item in recreating this classic tune. Check that out here:

Podcast Assignments

Beyond my audio assignments, a huge portion of my work this week was in collaborating with my groupmates and working on our upcoming radio show. My group as a whole is great and we all had some really creative ideas in regards to what we would involve in our podcast, different types of bits and concepts we could add to it, and so on. The finished result will surely be great – here is the article that I wrote about the progress that we’ve made thus far:

I created a logo for the podcast as well! Our group is called “the Breakfast Club” and although it’s a nod to the famous movie from the ’80s, I took the name a bit more literally in the logo I created. You can check that out here:

Daily Creates

The daily creates this week were interesting, and fun to do. I’ve linked mine below!

It’s been a great week in DS106 – I’m excited to keep working hard and get our podcast out to the world next week!