Week 5: Zane’s Radio Bumper

Completed this radio bumper was a lot of fun! I named by radio show, “Zane-o 8: The Ocho!” It’s got hip-hop, pop, and everything in between. Enjoy!


Week 5: Played From Another Room

Picture this – you just arrived at your local roller rink to hang with your friends and show them your latest tricks. While they go to the counter to rent out their skates, you go to the bathroom to surprise them when you come out with the new, personalized skates that your parents got you for your birthday. As you lace them up, your favorite song, that came out last year, starts playing in the rink.


Week 4 Reflection

A full month has been completed in Digital Storytelling! Apart from our usual assignments, we were assigned a photoblitz this week – here is a link to mine:

The photoblitz was a bit of a random excercise – it was fun to see all of the different methods that I could use to photograph the area around me, though.

As for my visual assignments, I did four, which covered a variety of visual works. Firstly, I edited up a movie poster in Photoshop:

After that, I recreated a pose from one of my favorite ’80s basketball players:

I blasted to the past again by paying tribute to one of the great basketball players from the ’80s:

Finally, I completed a collage of myself and some of my favorite things to do:

The easier assignments came in the form of our Daily Creates. I completed three, all of which were their own fun way to describe me.

Here, I explained that the phrase “having a whale of a time” is one of my favorites.
I explain here what type of ice-cream flavor I’d be, and why.
Finally, I created my own funny caption to a picture of the guy that we call our “president.”

With a full month down in DS106, I’m excited to see what else we have in store.


Week 4 Photoblitz

I got an interesting, but fairly easy photoblitz that was able to complete in twenty minutes. The questions are attached – how you choose to interpret them is up to you.

  • Make a photo that represents the end, termination…
  • Make a photo of a scene looking out a window.
  • Get close! Photograph an ordinary object from as close as you can manage.
  • Find a pool, puddle, or other body of still water.A photo of a reflected subject.
  • Make an abstract or literal photo that expresses how you feel.
  • An interesting shadow.
  •  Make a photograph with your camera at floor level.

Week 4: You In Collage Form (2 Stars)

For my final visual assignment of the week, I decided to create a collage that depicted me in collage form. The collage has a variety of pictures on it – from me being in Disney, to my friends, to my family, to baseball and basketball, to a meme, the collage makes up all of the different aspects in and around my life that I find to be important to me.


Week 4: Five Frame Story (3.5 Stars)

For my five frame story, I depicted one of the great NBA storylines from the ’80s – Julius Erving. Also known as Doctor J, he was a huge part of the Philadelphia 76ers team that were repeatedly in the NBA playoffs, but were snubbed through Playoff, and Finals appearances. Finally, after years of hardwork, Doctor J got his championship with the 76ers in 1983 – I depicted his journey with my five photo collage. The photos span from 1980, through 1983.

The top left picture is from the 1980 season, and the top right picture is after Erving won his championship with the 76ers in ’83.

Week 4 Visual Assignments: Redoing the Past Pose (3 Stars)

For my second, and this time, 80’s themed assignment, of week 4 I completed the “Redoing the Past Pose” assignment. I used a picture of one of my favorite basketball players from the 80’s, and one of the greatest players of all time – Larry Bird. I recreated his iconic jumpshot as a tribute to how great he was at the game that I love.


Week 4: Create a silly movie poster (4 stars)

For my first visual assignment of week four, I’ve decided to use a funny graphic that I made for our men’s basketball team. From the movie, “Wild Wild West,” and it’s posters, I photoshopped the faces of our assistant coaches for the men’s basketball team in as the faces of the two main characters on the movie poster. I created this graphic just before our team went on a road trip to the west coast – as such, they were going to the “wild wild west.”


Week 3: Weekly Summary

In a great third week in Digital Story telling, I was able to complete a lot of different activities, some of which related to the ’80s, and some of which were more modern. I completed three different daily creates – they were a bit more random, and just based on my own thoughts and ideas.

First of all, I made my own “zine.” It’s an invigorating story about a confusion in the title of the zine itself – very meta.
Secondly, I was able to decide what was on the other side of a random door. It was a lot of fun to find a gif I really liked, which in this case, was a sharp looking guy inviting me inside.
Finally, I gave my two cents on what a scary, “Bigfoot”-esque creature is – I picked Disney’s Chernabog!

After the Daily Creates, I completed three different writing assignments. Two of them were themed towards the ’80s, while one was purely based on my own memories, which in this case, were from the backyard of my house.

This post was of the non-’80s variety – it was about the great memories that I had on my backyard trampoline.
In this post, I made a nod to our class theme by choosing a household tool that was primarily from the ’80s – read on to see what I mean.
Finally, I completed a post from the CIA where I, as an agent, went back to the ’80s to compare “groove levels” between then and now.
I completed a story analysis that compares a story that I know to the story arcs that the assigned video this week, follows. It’s interesting to see a story that follows multiple arcs at once – read my article to see how High School Musical does just that.

In conclusion, this week in Digital Storytelling was a lot of fun. I dabbled in a lot of different activities, including one that required real life, physical creation, and enjoyed the variety of work a lot. I look forward to see what next week has in store.


Week 3: Monologue of a Household Tool (4.5 Stars)

Day by day, these people come in here with their crazy clothing: brightly colored shorts, denim jackets, colorful shoes, poofy hair – and I wonder, why can’t they care about me as much as they care about their looks? Sheesh, I get it, you only use me to rewind the movie that you’ve already watched – I don’t serve an integral purpose to your life. However, it would still be nice if you could treat me a little better. Rather than just shoving the tape into me, slapping the button and going somewhere else, maybe watch another movie next to me, and keep me a little company while I rewind the one that you’ll watch again in the future. Sometimes, as I sit here rewinding, I wonder if I will ever be obsolete – if a movie will ever be able to play more than once, without being rewinded. I’m just being foolish I’m sure – if you didn’t have to rewind something, why would the word even exist in the first place? I love the ’80s. I’ll talk to you later – they just handed me Ghostbusters.