Week 7: Radio Show Progress

The show begins! Over the course of the week, my group and I have been working our tails off on creating a great radio show, and have named our group “The Breakfast Club.” My group consists of four members – Sam, Emily, Diana, and myself, Zane. We’ve done a lot of great work this week and have been collaborating a lot.

One great part of the week has been creating a radio commercial for the upcoming show that we will produce. You can check it out through the post that I created, or my weekly reflection – I don’t want to give away the commercial on this post. It’s got to do with a small yellow circle, and some ghosts.

Another aspect of the week that was a lot of fun was creating the logo for the upcoming radio show. As our show has been named the breakfast club after the famous 80’s movie, I created a logo that is a more literal nod to it’s name – not to give it away here, though, go check out my post for it.

The rest of my podcast team has been great, as well. They’ve come up with some creative logos themselves, and we’ve come up with some cool ideas in regards to different bits and pieces to add to our radio show. It’ll be a lot of fun, and I’m sure that the finished product will be awesome.