Week 3 Story Analysis

For my story analysis, I’ve chosen High School Musical, as it is one of my favorite movies (the third is my favorite, but the first is great too.) What’s interesting about HSM is that one could argue that it follows all three curves. To explain, firstly, the story of HSM must be briefly described. A boy and a girl meet during winter break on a ski retreat. They hit it off, but the boy doesn’t get the girl’s phone number, so he can’t contact her. Coincidentally, however, the girl ends up moving to the boy’s high school, and they meet, eventually audition for the school musical together, and fall in love. The major issues/valleys in the story are that the boy is the basketball team’s captain, and the girl has just moved to a new school, has other commitments, and is unsure about taking on such a huge task so early. The boy’s path follows the up, down, and up trail – he starts out as the captain of the team with no problems in the world, but this new girl and love for performing come into his life, and the school is turned upside down when their star player wants to be on the stage too. When the new girl is in a rough situation at school, finds a new guy, is shut down by the stars of the theater club, but perserveres in the end, she actually seems to follow Cinderella’s story path, which is also described in the video. It’s interesting to see how common some of these story arcs develop to be.