Week 7 Reflection

Whew! This last week before Spring Break was a whirlwind. However, I was able to complete all of my assignments for class, as well as interact with some other posts on twitter and on blogs. To begin…

Audio Assignments

I completed three different audio assignments this week, and they were a lot of fun! Firstly, I created a commercial for my group’s upcoming radio show. The commercial was something straight out of the ’80s – check it out here:

My second assignment was a bit more modern. I hummed one of my favorite songs, and gave a bit of back-story as to why I enjoy humming this particular tune. Check out me, humming away, here!

For my third and final audio assignment, I recreated an iconic beat, that being the drum beat from We Will Rock You. A surprising tool that I found in my kitchen ended up being the crucial item in recreating this classic tune. Check that out here:

Podcast Assignments

Beyond my audio assignments, a huge portion of my work this week was in collaborating with my groupmates and working on our upcoming radio show. My group as a whole is great and we all had some really creative ideas in regards to what we would involve in our podcast, different types of bits and concepts we could add to it, and so on. The finished result will surely be great – here is the article that I wrote about the progress that we’ve made thus far:

I created a logo for the podcast as well! Our group is called “the Breakfast Club” and although it’s a nod to the famous movie from the ’80s, I took the name a bit more literally in the logo I created. You can check that out here:

Daily Creates

The daily creates this week were interesting, and fun to do. I’ve linked mine below!

It’s been a great week in DS106 – I’m excited to keep working hard and get our podcast out to the world next week!