Creative Coding Portfolio

Hey, Professor Walen! Zane here – it’s been an interesting summer semester, and I’ve learned a lot through my first coding course! I’m glad to have completed it, and happy that with our final, I’ve been able to go back and implement some new things into my assignments.

  1. Glitch: Firstly, I created glitch art that was more “glitchy” I guess you could say. Originally, I created a compilation of different video game glitches, and created a few of my own glitch art pieces in photoshop. However, when I was trying to figure out inspiration for some social media posts for our school basketball team, our class came to mind, and I decided to theme some of the posts around glitchy art. The end result is here:

2. Creating an Audacity Glitched image: For my second portfolio item, I figured that I would create a glitched image with audacity, as I didn’t get to do so over the course of the semester. I took a selfie with my webcam, and then figured out how to glitch it up through audacity – the results are a bit haunting. The original:

And the glitch:

I applied a little bit of “Echo” in audacity, and got an interesting result.

3. Screensaver: With my screensaver, I added a little bit of flare, and implemented an outline to the “Hello!” in my screensaver. I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect the lines within the screensaver – hopefully I can figure that out soon, as though I like the somewhat glitchy look of the screensaver, I’d like it to look a little cleaner. You can see that here – also, I attached an image of how it looks, because as I click on the link, for whatever reason, the blue outline isn’t showing up on the text.

4. Bot: Going back to the first week of class, I decided to work a little bit on my bot to make it a bit more personal to Spongebob. I added more variables in the bot that are direct quotes from Spongebob himself, and imrpoved the general grammar in the bot as well so that the tweets are a bit more coherent. Find that here:

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