Our Philosophical / Technological Journey Begins!

What’s cracking PhilTech friends! I like that phrase, or word jumble, or whatever you want to call it – “PhilTech.” To me, it’s an easy way to shorten our class name – it also sort of sounds like it could be the name of a tech company owned by a guy named Phillip? We’re getting off topic here.

I’m excited to return to my Domain after using it in other classes – as I’m sure you guys have seen, all of my posts from the other courses that I’ve used this domain for have been syndicated into our hypothesis website, so my apologies if there’s a bunch of Zane Burk class posts cluttering up the feed. Anyway, for my first post, I figured it would be cool to touch on what philosophy is to me, and hopefully get some comments from you guys about what it is to you.

In my (relatively short, but phenomenally enlightening) experience with philosophy thus far, it’s been a sort of religion to me, purely as it pertains to the definition of the religion. Religion is defined as “belief or worship in a superhuman / controlling power” and in that sense, philosophy holds a place in my heart and soul. While I don’t necessarily know if there is a specific ruling power over us all, there is something more to all humans – our capacity of reason (idea originally from Stoicist book Discourses ) and so I believe that something, somewhere, indeed instilled that capability of reason and consciousness upon us. In summary, I follow some philosophy sort of like a religion, but I view it more as a way of thinking.

I hope you enjoyed reading some basic thoughts of mine on philosophy! I look forward to hearing what everyone else has to say.

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