Race As Technology

Race is an interesting example of a technology, but by definition, it counts as one. Technology is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose.” Race is a piece of scientific knowledge – we are all born with a certain race – it’s not a choice, it just happens. However, the application of race in society is not an application that is practical at all. Race divides us, oftentimes. Whether it be through stereotypes, through historical boundaries, or anything else, humans have allowed race to become a method of division between us, and this should not be the case. While we’ve advanced from where we were centuries ago, during the days where slavery was widely accepted, we still aren’t close to where we need to be in regards to race as a technology. If you aren’t white, often times you aren’t paid near as much as a white person is, not to mention if you’re not white AND not a man. The United States have been run by the white man since their conception, and we need to continue to fight to change the way the technology of race is applied in our everyday lives in hopes of one day, truly achieving equality between all races.

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