The Most Important Technology

One of the most interesting things that I ever read was within a book called, “Your Duality Within,” a philosophical piece by Anderson Silver. The book mainly pertains to our inner duality, that being the daily battle that goes on between our subconscious, and conscious minds. While there are an abundance of interesting pieces in the book, one that stuck out to me, and one that pertains to our class, is the technology that caused homo-sapiens to actually be able to survive to this point.

In layman’s terms (which are also the terms that I use to understand this process), way back, thousands of years ago, there was something of a “hominid war.” Essentially, all of the various families of homogeneous creatures were fighting to continue to live, and for their species to survive on earth. Now, obviously, at this time there were no guns – everyone had the same general knowledge of making tools, hunting and gathering, and using fire. However, what set homo-sapiens apart and gave them the ability to win the hominid wars was their ability to use what has become the most important technology to human life – communication.

While most hominid groups had access to the same basic technologies, homo-sapiens were able to evolve their forms of communications from basic signs or noises so to organize into larger groups, and plan their moves out more specifically in order to win the hominid wars. Communication is incredibly important, and is a cause to almost anything that happens in the world, if not everything. At it’s core, it was the technology that, through it’s use, gave our species the best opportunity to survive in their earliest days.

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