For one of my two assignments that relate to our class theme, that being the 80’s, I decided to create a charity logo. The charity’s acronym is USAH, which stands for the United States against H.I.V., and they have a catchphrase which is, “It’s Us Against H.I.V.

The decision for the charity was relatively simple – I’m no history buff, but I know that the H.I.V. and AIDS epidemic began in the ’80s. It was a huge problem as both illnesses were not very well researched, and the public did not know much about either of them. As such, a charity such as this would have been an integral part of that time period and in the overall research into what was a huge problem during those times.

I connected my second assignment to this as well – I created a haiku based on these troublesome times.

Though much is unknown,

Epidemics Can Be Stopped.

Peer at history.

The haiku is one that denotes hope for humankind through the raging epidemic at the time. It attempts to instill some hope onto it’s readers by reminding them that humankind has survived awful epidemics in the past, and can continue to persevere through this one and the future.

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