Week 1 Reflection

It was a wild first week back at UMW, and although keeping up with a busy schedule was difficult, being able to do work for this class was actually a nice break in between everything. I was able to show off one of my favorite visuals, my “heartbreak” visual:

As well as that, I was able to show off my design page – here is another graphic that I created!

Getting my website off the ground, and getting used to wordpress and the DOOO as a whole was a bit difficult. However, I was able to do it with a little bit of assistance from former students/peers who have created a DOOO before. My favorite post of the week was definitely the 80s post – it was fun to go back in time and look more into the culture of three decades ago.

Overall, I’m excited to see what the rest of the semester has to offer. It’s been a great first week in Digital Storytelling thus far!

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