Week 11: Video Show

In what was a whirlwind, but very fun week, I was able to post two different videos to my youtube channel, but the one that I will be using for my assignment today is my Daily Vlog! My daily vlog, posted today and filmed yesterday, is my first, and it was fun to figure out and do. What was most important about getting the vlog edited and uploaded on time was managing my time. Essentially, I filmed yesterday from when I woke up, at about 11 AM, to when I finished my day, at about 11 PM. In doing so, I didn’t really have time during the day to edit the video – I had to wait until at night, where I was able to get a few hours of editing done, and then this afternoon, when I completed the video in a few hours, between about 2PM and 5PM. As I continue to vlog and edit each day, I’m sure that I will also continue to learn how I can best operate and manage my time to keep getting videos uploaded. For example, figuring out if I should continue editing whenever I have the free time to do so, or wait for one large, open chunk of the day to get it all done at once. In creating the video itself, I have learned that my phone does have great video quality, but I may need to invest in some type of microphone if I want to continue using it to record. I will continue to learn, and am excited to do so.

Below are my daily creates! The TDC’s this week were interesting, especially with April Fool’s day being this week.

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As you keep doing it, you will develop a system. I like the use of the Stranger Things font for the titles

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