Week 12 Reflection Post

What a fun week in Digital Storytelling! My assignments this week were fun, and the remixes were even more fun. To begin my week, I worked on my mash-up assignments.s

Firstly, I got one of my favorite logos, but I added text that made it look like it was used for a MUCH different purpose than it is:

Next, I placed one of my favorite superheroes in a modern, public setting of today. See if you can find him!

Finally, I mashed up one of my favorite movie characters with a backdrop that did not match him at all. You can tell pretty quickly!

For my remixes, I had a couple of interesting choices. Firstly, I added a snobby, overly-artistic critic review about my picture above:

After that, I had to make my Fruit Of The Loom graphic as weird and ugly looking as I could!

Finally, I made three different daily creates throughout the week, which were a lot of fun:

It was a great week in DS106, and I’m excited to see what next week holds.

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