Week 14: Final Project

For my final project, as I said before, I completed a trailer for my upcoming series that I will be completing on my youtube channel. The most fun, but also challenging aspect of completing the trailer, was creating the concept/themed art for each series, and making an information card to put on the trailer that matched up with the artistic theme of each series. For my Viewer’s Choice series, I themed it around being colorful, and splatters of paint, as I see that series as being one that a variety of people have a hand in creating, as I ask for opinions from all of my social media followers as to what the video should be. For my weekly vlogs, I wanted a clean, sharp look that was attractive to look at and memorable, but also flexible, which I believe I achieved. Finally, for my Zane After Dark series, I was looking for a night-like, neon lights type of look, which again, I believe I did a good job of creating. Apart from that, however, I used clean transitions and some intro cards to build up suspense for the upcoming series. Check out the trailer below! Warning, the song I selected does have some vulgar words in it – I selected it because it is currently one of my favorite songs, however it’s new and I couldn’t find a clean version when I created the trailer.

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