Week 3: Another Day (4 stars)

For my first assignment of Week 3, I decided to write a story an include a picture from a very nostalgic time for me – my younger years, where everything was simple, and I spent most of my time on my backyard trampoline.

Nature has a habit of leaving beautiful gifts to our world – I wish that we’d be better at loving these gifts and keeping them safe. My favorite memory of mother nature’s gifts is, without a doubt, my own backyard. Growing up, my father bought my sister and I a trampoline for the backyard. He didn’t buy us a net – it was a second hand trampoline that he got for cheap, and it was well loved by the previous family that had owned it. When we placed it in my backyard, it was surrounded by an overhanging tree, obviously the back of my house, and the rest of the nature (trees, bushes, etc) in my backyard. I jumped on the trampoline all the time. It was tremendously fun, but I remember that whenever I tired out, but didn’t want to go inside yet (which was often) I would lay down on the trampoline and admire the nature around me. The way that the sun would shine through the leaves of the overhanging tree, and how the sycamore seeds would fall onto the trampoline during a windy day created a wonderful, nostalgic environment for me.

A very young me, on our backyard trampoline.

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