Week 3: Monologue of a Household Tool (4.5 Stars)

Day by day, these people come in here with their crazy clothing: brightly colored shorts, denim jackets, colorful shoes, poofy hair – and I wonder, why can’t they care about me as much as they care about their looks? Sheesh, I get it, you only use me to rewind the movie that you’ve already watched – I don’t serve an integral purpose to your life. However, it would still be nice if you could treat me a little better. Rather than just shoving the tape into me, slapping the button and going somewhere else, maybe watch another movie next to me, and keep me a little company while I rewind the one that you’ll watch again in the future. Sometimes, as I sit here rewinding, I wonder if I will ever be obsolete – if a movie will ever be able to play more than once, without being rewinded. I’m just being foolish I’m sure – if you didn’t have to rewind something, why would the word even exist in the first place? I love the ’80s. I’ll talk to you later – they just handed me Ghostbusters.

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