Week 4 Reflection

A full month has been completed in Digital Storytelling! Apart from our usual assignments, we were assigned a photoblitz this week – here is a link to mine:

The photoblitz was a bit of a random excercise – it was fun to see all of the different methods that I could use to photograph the area around me, though.

As for my visual assignments, I did four, which covered a variety of visual works. Firstly, I edited up a movie poster in Photoshop:

After that, I recreated a pose from one of my favorite ’80s basketball players:

I blasted to the past again by paying tribute to one of the great basketball players from the ’80s:

Finally, I completed a collage of myself and some of my favorite things to do:

The easier assignments came in the form of our Daily Creates. I completed three, all of which were their own fun way to describe me.

Here, I explained that the phrase “having a whale of a time” is one of my favorites.
I explain here what type of ice-cream flavor I’d be, and why.
Finally, I created my own funny caption to a picture of the guy that we call our “president.”

With a full month down in DS106, I’m excited to see what else we have in store.

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