Week 7: Radio Show Logo

To start out my week 7 posts, I decided that I would create for the upcoming radio show that my group and I will be doing. Due to the theme of the course and our group’s affinity with the movie, we decided to name our podcast “The Breakfast Club.” One of the great movies from the ’80s, it’s a perfect nod to the theme of the course, and is a very marketable name for a podcast. While my other group members have created designs that are more obvious nods to the film itself, I decided to add a more literal twist on my logo. As you can see, I implemented a stack of pancakes into my logo to display the literal meaning of a “breakfast club.” While this is not necessarily the meaning that comes from the movie, I believe it is a good logo that adds some originality to the group. Next to that, I included the podcast microphone type of icon to display what the group is – a podcast.

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