Week 10: Video Show

For week 10, by luck, I’ve been trying out a new hobby which should fit perfectly with the assignment – Vlogging! To this point, I’ve been completing a weekly vlog, one per week, on Mondays, but I will be switching over to daily starting next friday. It has taken a lot of planning to create these vlogs, and will continue to.

For starters, I’m slowly learning how to vlog. Pulling out a camera and recording various parts of your life is an interesting thing to do – some people don’t want to be on camera – sometimes, you’d prefer to experience a moment rather than filming it.

Beyond that, there is some “scripting” that goes into creating the vlog. Generally, I don’t want my vlogs to be me going about my normal daily life – I want to go out and do things. I plan on trying new things when I can during my vlogs so that I can continue putting out compelling content.

I created a trailer and posted it to instagram to get some hype on my vlog, and will attach it here.